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PVC Oil Cloth Manufacturers And Wholesalers

Swatch Box is a leading manufacturer and wholesale distributor of oil cloths to the UK and wider European market, able to supply retailers, both online and physical shops, with a huge variety of styles and types of oil cloths.

Our UK-wide network means that our brand coverage is significant and, as a retailer, you would be working in partnership with a name that his sizeable scope already, plus plenty of room to expand, in the UK oil cloth and wider textiles and fabrics markets. Thanks to our size and power we are in a position to negotiate sizeable discounts for retailers looking to secure a significant quantity of oil cloths for resale. With designs which are being continually updated, refined and added to, as a retailer you should be reassured that you are working with a company which is always actively working to ensure it stays ahead of changes in fashions and trends within the textiles industry.

As a company we have helped to bring about a resurgence in the use of oil cloths its classic properties of durability and hardiness means that retailers can easily sell them to consumers as a logical, value for money purchase in tough economical times.

As a wholesaler, we can ensure that you are supplied with PVC oil cloths no matter your location or individual requirements. If your business requires a new approach to the marketplace when it comes to retailing UK fabrics then you could try the kitsch approach of oil cloths as a 1950s and 60s revival purchase, it evokes memories of halcyon days. Perhaps it could be a form of back to the future increased profitability for your fabric retailing business.